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Electrician Service 

Electrical LED bulb technology have Lower temperature compare to the halogen bulb, there is 2 major benefit 


1) Halogen bulb normally consume about 30-50Watt compare to a LED it only consume 5-15watt that 100% in energy saving It is also Reduce Heat compare to tradition halogen spot bulb which higher heat involve meaning more energy loss. This also reduces the tendency of fixture getting yellowing and chipping 

Do you know what is Halogen Bulb?

What is a Financial double whammy here?

2) Why pay twice as much? Do you know your light fixture is making the Air Con work much harder due to heat dissipate from the lighting you use? Just think about the halogen surface heat is above 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. Now you are having a showcase that 5 halogens bulb running the air con now need to put in more effort to bring the temperature down the so call unnecessary heat loss. You are now paying for creating heat and reducing heat don’t you agree call us now to find out more…..