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United Electricians provide you with anything from electrical socket replacement to repair oven. We have 24/7 standby teams to arrive quickly in an emergency and aim to arrive within 20 Min anywhere in Singapore.

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What could be the causes of power failures in an electricity

Some example with is straightforward that causes include faults at supply substations, construction accident on the power supply incoming cable underground, magnet coil inside transformer is damages, a circuit fault ("that could cause by animal bite" example snake coil trap on to the bass bar..', or the common is the usage of the electrical consumption exceeded the approved load.


What preventive measure can take for Power failure?

Most of the time preventative measure is an additional cost of electrical supply setup and maintenance. Usually only importance or critical location like places where the public and transportation safety are at risk. Example like government building such as Singapore general hospital or Prison, PUB, MRT, police station and fire station likely will usually have more then one backup power sources such as standby generators or UPS, which will automatically start up when electrical power is lost in a short moment. investing on a UPS or a Generator is not a small sum of money.

A power outage at the National University Hospital (NUH) yesterday resulted in ambulances being diverted to other hospitals and patients in the affected area directed to other parts of the hospital.

The power went out at 4.15pm for 11/2 hours and affected mainly the first floor of NUH's main building.

The first floor houses the Accident and Emergency Department, specialist outpatient clinics and a pharmacy. The main building was built in 1985 and has been refurbished extensively.

Electrical news and cases

The occupant experienced a power trip when he switched on all the electrical appliances after returning home. Upon resetting the consumer unit, he went about with his routine but noticed smoke at the second level of the 3-storey terrace house shortly thereafter. Fire damage was severe in the master bedroom (see Figure 14) while other parts of the house sustained heat, smoke and water damage. The burn patterns were consistent with that of a fire which originated from a location near the windows, where a computer table used to be. The burned remains of a portable socket outlet was recovered from the determined Area of Fire Origin (see Figure 15). According to the occupant, this portable socket outlet was brought over from overseas. The cause of fire was determined to be accidental and of electrical origin at the portable socket outlet.

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Jurong West Mr Li was 1 of 6 occupants in the bedroom where the fire originated (see Figure 10). He had just returned home and he saw fire under a clothing rack when he entered his room. He shouted ‘Fire!’ to alert the other occupants of the unit and several of them tried to fight the fire but to no avail. The fire spread to the adjacent mattresses and developed rapidly. Mr Li sustained burn injuries when he tried to retrieve his luggage bag from underneath the burning bed. The fire consumed the wooden partition between the bedroom and the living room; and spread into the living room (see Figure 11). Mr Li explained that there was a portable socket outlet connected to a stand fan and microwave oven at the Area of Fire Origin. Both appliances were not in use at the time of the fire but the power to the portable socket outlet was always left ‘ON’. The cause of fire was determined to be accidental and of electrical origin at the portable socket outlet.

Lack of electrical services

Be Warned! For some electrical anomalies, a fire can break out and continue after the electrical anomalies have stopped. Fire can also come about at a much later time. The circuit breaker is a device to protect a circuit from short circuit and overload damages. It is important to know that not all electrical anomalies will result in tripping of the circuit. If there is indeed tripping of the circuit breaker and fire does not break out at that material time, the circuit breaker will likely be reset and the dangerous condition will not be identified if it was successfully reset. A tripping should, therefore, be thoroughly investigated to ascertain that the electrical problem is resolved.

Example of a minor Issue 

OR it could be Faulty Electrical Wiring

First isolate electrical appliances that are not the cause of safety switch tripping. Next will be identify faulty wiring can be another issue for an electrician to do it. Suspect old electrical wiring deteriorates over time as the insulation around the wiring becomes brittle and has broken that resulted in current leakage. This is common with older HDB or Condo electrical system. The only solution is to rewire and replace the electrical cables. If the age of your home is within 5 to 7 years old, maybe pests, like rats, have bitten onto the electrical cables and caused damages.

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Power Failure Free tips

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Do at your own RISK. If you are uncertain call 9047 3688 we will be there in 20 min. Look for the DB (BOX) look the above try to turn on the switch that is flip down. Normaly the power will resume. If power does not resume, call us at 9047 3688 for advice.


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