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Do It Yourself Electrical 

Safety First

  • Make an effort to learn about your home electrical system so that you can safely navigate and maintain it.

  • Never attempt a project that is beyond your skill level. Knowing when to call a professional may help prevent electrical fires, injuries, and fatalities.

  • Always turn off the power to the circuit that you plan to work on by switching off the circuit breaker in the main service panel.

  • Be sure to unplug any lamp or appliance before working on it.

  • Test the wires before you touch them to make sure that the power has been turned off.

  • Never touch plumbing or gas pipes when performing a do-it-yourself electrical projec

Socket Replacement 

Call us if you need us to replace for you!! $60 all in with the socket common (MK) brand  

We don't hold and responsibility !!!!

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