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"Electrical" (Double LED Spot light)

LED Spotlight

S$140.00 Regular Price
S$98.00Sale Price

How it works


Send us a text or call us talk to our friendly operator give us specific detail on how do you want to install the light?


Be ready to have answer Question like?

1) How many lighting points are required?

2) Do you want to do conceal wiring or surface wiring?

3) How you want to control the light switching?

4) when you need the installation to be done?

5) Where do you want the installation to take place?

6) What is the Ceiling high involve?


Supply and install Spot Light LED System "bulb and driver"

(Price Included Parts and Labour).

For 1st or first units is $140 the subsequent units will be $98. On offer NOW!!

Whatapps or call at 9047 3688 for more information.


We also provide electrician services:

• Power failure, tripping problems

• Full house or part re-wiring

• TV point, heater point and air con points

• Ceiling fan, water heater installation

• Replace main circuit breakers

• Repair, Troubleshooting

• Faulty or broken power points & light switches

• Extra telephone, TV, electrical sockets

• Cable TV sockets, SCV point

• Electrical fault, electric blackout

• Additional lights and sockets

• Fault finding, inspection testing

• Data telephone system, antenna

• Move, add or replace light fixture Electrician Singapore


GM James: "Customer comes back to us is that they have to see the quality electrical service trust the skilled and professional electricians we have. Our fleet of the van is well equipped with proper tool and material prepared to have a one-stop shop for all your residential and commercial electrical services at higher customer service level every time."



Electrician Singapore Service

Service Hotline: 9047 3688

  • LED Spotlight

    LED Spot light "Bulb and Driver Set"


    We do replace Recessed Adjustable Spotlight Recessed Adjustable


    Electrical LED bulb technology have Lower temperature compare to halogen bulb, there is 2 major benefit


    1) Halogen bulb normally consume about 30-50Watt compare to a LED it only consume 5-15watt that 100% in energy saving It is also Reduce Heat compare to tradition halogen spot bulb which higher heat involve mean more energy loss. This also reduce the tendency of fixture getting yellowing and chipping


    2) Why pay twice as much? Do you know your light fixture is making the Air Con work much more harder due to heat dissipate from the lighting you use? Just think about the halogen surface heat is above 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. Now you are having a show case that 5 halogens bulb running the air con now need to put in more effort to cold down the so call unnecessary heat lost. You are now paying for creating heat and reducing heat don’t you agree call us now to find out more…..

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