240V Electrical LED 4ft tube

LED Tube light


How it works


Send us a text or call us talk to our friendly operator give us specific detail on how do you want to install the light?


Be ready to have answer Question like?

1) How many lighting points are required?

2) Do you want to do conceal wiring or surface wiring?

3) How you want to control the light switching?

4) when you need the installation to be done?

5) Where do you want the installation to take place?

6) What is the Ceiling high involve?


Supply and install LED Tube

(Price Included Parts and Labour).

Supply and install LED Tub without rewiring (Price Included Parts and Labor). For 1 units is $80 the subsequent units will be $60. Whatapps or call at 9047 3688Whatapps or call at 9047 3688 for more information.


We also provide electrician services:

• Power failur